Newsletters & content marketing

Newsletters & content marketing


There is no real secret to content marketing. The only method that works long-term is to consistently create content your customers find valuable.

To break that down, you need:

  • engaging content
  • that aligns with your customers' interests
  • which you can produce consistently and sustainably.

I can help you by writing content, but I can also help you develop a sustainable workflow ongoing. I have a good sense of how much time and effort different content plans take at different scales and can work with you scope out your own project.

In the first year after I took over the Paper Giant newsletter, its subscriber base grew tenfold. My own newsletter, The Whippet, has been read over 300,000 times and was featured in Inside Hook’s 80 Best Single-Operator Newsletters.

Artists and creators

For you, it's about creating a marketing plan that interests your audience but takes as little time and money as possible, so you're free to get on with your actual work. I can chat with you about what that might look like for you. A one-off coaching session works well.

Thought leadership

If you have a lot of knowledge but no time to write (which is the case for a lot of business leaders) I can interview you and write up your ideas into a polished article. Several of my co-written thought leadership pieces for PwC were picked up by the Harvard Business Review.

Social media and SEO best practice

I'm by no means a social media guru, but I do know the foundational pieces you need to have in place to avoid being buried by the algorithm. I wrote the following article because I saw a lot of writers getting distressed by how little traction their work was getting on social media – even writers with large, dedicated followings.

Your Articles Aren’t Getting RT’d Because Twitter Hates External Links
How to get around the algorithm and get eyes on your work

Clients include:

  • Cracking the Cryptic
  • Jellybean Games
  • Paper Giant
  • Beyond Essential Systems
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • CareSuper's 'MyFutureMe' portal