Coaching & writer development

Coaching & writer development

Professional development

I work with you on your real-world writing tasks, from reports to blog posts to stressful emails. We work through problems together, looking at the structural level, the sentence level, and the 'who do you need to impress' level.

By talking it through in detail (including the logic behind different editorial choices, relevant rules of grammar, etc.), you improve not just that piece of writing, but your skills for future projects.

I've run workshops on newsletters, content marketing, and writing for business.

Writing coach

As an individual writer, there's a lot more to talk about (if you want), than just ways of levelling up the writing on the page. I can help you figure out your goals as a writer, nail down what you want to be saying, develop a sustainable practice, and find your voice.

I'm not accepting new coaching clients at the moment.

If you want me to let you know when I have available spots, email me on hello /at/ (No details needed, you can just say 'put me on the waitlist please'.)

Writers with ADHD, executive dysfunction, or procrastination tendencies

I really like working with other ADHD people. If you need help with the actual 'sit down and write' part, let me know, and I'll adjust how I work to support you and give you some added external structure. No judgement, ever.

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