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A Terrifying True Fable That Will Make You Never Lie Again

Have you ever been forced to tell a dumb lie to get out of trouble and then piled on even more insane falsehoods until you were crushed under a Jenga tower of your own deception? Well, no matter how screwed up your life is, know that you’re well-adjusted compared to the one-man Coen brothers movie who was Donald Crowhurst.

Warning: His story is more Fargo, less Raising Arizona.

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‘Grist’ Shortlisted for KSP Speculative Fiction Award

 ImageEeeeeeee!! So pleased! Winners announced August 19th. I wish I could go to the awards ceremony, but it’s in WA.


I came 3rd!

1st: Siren – Catherine Moffat (NSW)
2nd: Blood Ties – Scott Ford (QLD)
3rd: Grist – McKinley Valentine (VIC)

Judges Report (PDF)


You can read it here: