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Can’t bring yourself to check your inbox? Maybe you need a body double - ABC Everyday
McKinley struggles with procrastination. Even when she knows a task is really important it can feel impossible to get started. And then she discovered “body-doubling”.
Quit Your Phone Addiction Using Methods That Work for Smokers
When my phone habit got out of control, I sought out the experts on addiction. It worked.
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Are you an “Interviewer” or a “Volunteer”?
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How to get around the algorithm and get eyes on your work
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Once you understand them, you can supercharge any productivity system
Understanding How the Ancient Greeks Viewed Time Will Make Your Life Richer
“Chronos” is measured and counted, while “kairos” is lived and experienced


The Code for Everything - Fantasy Magazine
Izzy hugged her knees to her chest, her stomach a tight ball of humiliation. She was out on the verandah, sinking into a saggy floral couch. The city was doing its ridiculous Melbourne-summer thing, where the night was hotter than the day, and heat radiated off the asphalt in waves. She’d left the p…
ASM #65 - Andromeda Spaceways Magazine
Out here, on the galactic rim, we’ve left the zombie apocalypse far behind, we’ve put our monsters out for the night, and now we have time for stories. We always need time for stories. They throw a light on our minds and make the dark less dark. Plus, they make us laugh. Here’s just some of what to…