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I do still write, but I’ve been doing it on Facebook, where no one can see it. Unhelpful! So I’ve started this newsletter. Why The Whippet? Because it’s quick and affectionate. Each issue contains:

  • some personal commentary/ideas
  • 5 or so curated articles that haven’t already been published a million times elsewhere, for example: a bizarre animal, a scientific discovery, a new insight into how people lived in the 15th century, a personal essay on growing up poor, a cool etymology fact, some humour, a news article about a heist
  • 0% contemporary politics. I started The Whippet because it’s getting harder and harder to get interesting articles without being swamped by Trump news. There might be some Ancient Egyptian politics though.
  • an answer to a reader’s question

The first issue is here, to give you an idea of what it’s like:
The Whippet: crabs, cats, cake and crows

and here’s the Subscribe form (then it’ll ask if you’re a robot and then send a verification email).

Sign up, see how you like it, unsubscribe in a few weeks if you’re not into it.

Goes out 7am Thursdays Melbourne/Sydney time, noon on Wednesdays in California, and so on.

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